Your Personal Nutrition Plan: Me+ology

Have you ever wondered about supplementing your diet?

Which of these questions come to mind?

What supplements should I take?

Am I getting enough of the supplements I need?

Am I getting too much?

Me+ology offers a free online assessment of your personal health needs through a series of questions, then runs the answers through a complex algorithm, and spits out your tailored regimen. You have the opportunity to purchase your own branded kit of nutrients.

While either of the Me+ology Assessments are incredibly helpful, Nedra recommends beginning with the Me+ology Prove It Challenge. It gives you the opportunity to begin with a clean slate, reducing toxins and correcting some non-healthy habits.

Click on either of the 2 links below to take the 5-minute quiz & check out the recommendations. I’d be pleased to discuss them with you.