Nedra’s Story

When I was 8 years old, my sister, 6 ½; we decided to make our first cake for Mom. Had the recipe, the ingredients and the desire. All was going well until Sis decided to ’create’. “Let’s put in some extra baking soda, here’s another egg,” she was throwing in all sorts of extras. While I knew she was off track, I couldn’t stop her. Of course, it was a disaster. I got curious and started baking and cooking, and banished her to the outdoors. I thought, why does this happen, how does that work? I knew correct portions and quality ingredients were key, (ever try making a cake with bacon grease?)

I studied nutrition in college and loved the science. In those days, all vitamins were alike, so they said. They said vitamins didn’t work. Don’t waste your money. When I was introduced to Shaklee, that tape played in my mind, but I remembered my experiments with quality ingredients. When I heard that I could get my money back if I wasn’t satisfied, I was game on!

Four decades later, I always suggest, “Try it, there’s a 100% money back guarantee.” I wish I could introduce you to the thousands of people who have experienced great health results. I wish I could convey the feeling of doing well by doing good. I wish that those who want the many benefits we enjoy, might consider partnering with us to make this world a healthier place.

Our Mission

Who can we help today?

Who wants to live healthy; mentally, physically & financially?

Who wants to be part of a team whose primary goal is a better life for everyone?

North Star Circle Key Team Leaders

One person can make a major difference in the lives of others but working with a like-minded team helps reach thousands. Our team is grounded in the principles of integrity, authenticity, purpose, service, and team-work with a heaping jolt of just plain fun.

Chelsea Barringer Fyrberg
“I have a thriving nutrition consulting business, but I find my greatest pleasure is mentoring others to do what I do so they can have what I have: family time, the ability to schedule my own hours, independence, & financial and physical health.”
Portland, Maine

Donna Jewett
“I love being part of a dynamic team of givers where every one of us can do well by doing good!”
Venice, Florida

Barbara Grazier
“Building this business the first few years has given me a business for the long term. That’s security!!”
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Dr. Russell Grazier
“As a Chiropractor, I’ve seen amazing results in the health of my patients when they added these products. I’d like to add that not all nutrition products are the same. Beware!”
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Gary Langenwalther
“Dr. Shaklee had the vision of making products in harmony with nature, and the integrity to build a company that has stayed true to those principles for over 60 years.”
McMinnis, Oregon

Janet Langenwalther
“‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’, is the book that changed my life to reach higher, live more joyfully, and contribute in ways I previously could only dream about.”
McMinnis, Oregon

Trish Marfione
“I’ve been committed to a healthy diet and Shaklee supplements for over 30 years. I like being able to model what it looks like to live younger longer and to help others achieve that as well.”
Reading, Massachusetts


Meet Your Coach

Nedra Sahr

Nedra Sahr, MS, CNS, LN, is a member of the American College of Nutrition, and a Field-Science team member of Shaklee Corporation. She, and her husband Gene, live in Eliot, Maine. When she’s not building her nutrition business, or consulting on nutirition, you’ll often find Nedra hiking and kayaking in the summer and snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing and. hiking in the winter. She enjoys helping others “live younger, longer” through adopting wholistic life-style practices.

Nedra Sahr