Here’s a great way to consider the state of your health. The ladder of health is a way of showing the outcomes

of the health choices you make every day. It’s divided into three parts:

  1. optimum health,
  2. the neutral zone and
  3. premature death.

Who doesn’t want optimum health? When you feel great, each and every day. And, you probably would like to avoid premature death at all costs. Yet, so many of us spend our time in the neutral zone….not sick but not in really great shape, either.

You can’t stay in the same place; you can either go forward or backward. It’s how everything works. If you’re living in the neutral zone you probably find yourself complaining about a lack of energy, minor colds, headaches, sore throat, indigestion, fatigue and more. If you don’t take action you can find yourself slipping into Illness. Once this occurs your illnesses ‘graduate’ into conditions such as; unremitting fatigue, joint pain, bronchitis, bowel issues, respiratory concerns, earaches, female or male issues. If this happens, now you’re likely under a doctor’s care, which comes with a price tag of money spent and time lost. Again, without corrective steps, you could slide into Disease; heart disease, high blood sugar, tumors, Alzheimer’s, lung or brain disease and more. Now you’re finding yourself taking trips to the hospital, losing more time and money and these symptoms can bring you to the bottom of the ladder with its’ grim forecast.

What can you do?

Here are Four Positive Actions you can take to move up the ladder.

  1. Rest-7-8 hours of sleep each night,
  2. Weight Control-Dropping 15 pounds makes a huge difference if you are overweight,
  3. Exercise-regular aerobic and weight bearing exercise, and
  4. Quality Diet and Supplementation. Proper nutrition is essential.


Your first step up from the Neutral Zone is Awareness! You’ll notice that serious complaints begin to diminish. This can take from 3 days to 3 months.


Second is Rebuilding. Putting the 4 positive actions into effect can help rebuild our bodies at the cellular level, form new healthy cells, and strengthen our immune system. This can take 3 months to 3 or more years.


The last step is Resistance. We can become resistant to most common illnesses and many major diseases. In every epidemic there are always survivors. They are the ones with resistance. This is Optimum Health: Feeling great each and every day!


If you’re ready to move up the ladder, I’m here to help!

Best of Health to you,


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