Has your get up and go, gotten up and gone?

There are so many factors right now that could be contributing to low energy. Here are three:

  1. The World News. The upheaval we are all experiencing can be debilitating. Stress is like a siphon draining gas from your car’s tank. Before you realize it, you may be running on empty. Chronic stress affects every organ in your body, from brain to gut, causing depression, fatigue & depleted immunity.
  2. The Couch. Being sedentary is not healthy. Movement is life; the more you move, the more muscles you use, the more energy you have, and it all equals better mood and a better body.
  3. The Meal. Food affects our energy. Don’t eat enough and you’ll feel tired & hungry. Eat too much, you’ll feel sluggish. Just 1 sugary treat will depress your immune system for up to 4 hours. Yes, you will get a boost of energy after the treat but the crash in 3-4 hours is just not worth it.

The Shaklee Answer:

  1. Shaklee Shake for breakfast. You will feel energized within 20 minutes. Good quality protein gives us energy, strength, elevated mood, & get up & go.
  2. Vitalizer Strip along with your shake. Shaklee did the science, you reap the benefits. 80 bio-optimized (that means body compatible) nutrients in one daily strip.
  3. Stress Relief. Get a natural “Phew” feel more alert, more focused, & more at peace.
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